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United Accredited Company

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All UN (hazardous cargo carrier bags) and standard (non dangerous cargo carrier bags) FIBCs manufactured at United Accredited Company ( UAC ), have been certified under the strict controls of international well known test houses, also all production units are periodically audited by these test houses. All bags are labeled with the relevant test identification number issued by the test house.

United Accredited Company ( UAC ) has been assessed and certified with ISO 14001:1996 and ISO 9001:2000 by SGS. All manufacturing process is according to EN 1898 and in accordance with EFIBCA regulations.

Type C bags need to be grounded by its earthing loops during filling and emptying at all times, while it is not essential to ground Type D construction. Type C bags are made up of carbon yarns both in warp and weft direction which are not suitable with direct food contact, while Type D is %100 food approved.

Depending on the MIE of the product inside the bag and flammable gas or dust cloud in the environment, customers need to use Type C or Type D bags.

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