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We manufacture PP Woven Sack in different designs, deniers and pattern.

The length and width of the product can be produced as per the client requirements, having denier from 600-1200 and width from 30 to 95cm circular. The sacks can be printed up to six colors. Laminated bag will provide leak proof and contamination from foreign particles.

polyethylene inner bag:

We have in house facility of liner manufacturing. Liner is not only protecting the products from external elements but also ensures complete safety against leakage.

It is available as per below specification.

  • We provide the liner inside the bag or separately with or without bottom stitch.
  • We provide liner top hemmed with PP Woven Bag.
  • Liner is available 25 micron to 200 micron and above.
  • Liner size is available from 25 cm to 200 cm in circular.
  • Liner bottom seam can be sealed single line or double line.

Heat cut &  zig zag cut &  cold cut &  over lock seam

Base :

Single folded single sewn, single folded double sewn, double folded single sewn, double folded double sewn


Tubular &  lay flat width: 40 cm to 80 cm & weight: 60 gr/m2 to 150 gr/m2

Fabric Options:

Coated & transparent & coloured & gusseted

Tie string & draw string & document pocket glued to body

Up to four colors


Woven PP Small Bags sack is made of nearly 100% polypropylene and can be remade into granulate after emptying.

It is also suitable for “intrusion” – the revolutionary recycling technique for processing mixed household-grade plastic waste into quality molded products.

Energy recovering

A product made of plastic contains a very high energy value.

So in many countries plastic waste is used to replace primary fuels in the industry. Especially in the cement industry

this already saves up to 30% of oil and coal.

UV degradable

PP Small sack is made from polypropylene, which is broken down by UV when exposed to sun for a long time.

Typical application

Food Grains, Sugar, Chemicals, Cement, Fertilizers, Construction Aggregates.

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