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The major objective in UAC is quality. This makes it critical for quality to evolve from a simple process, to being imbibed in everything that we do. We have set-up a specialized department led by an experienced team, with well trained quality control inspectors and technicians who facilitate the process. The quality lab has been equipped completely from the star of the art machinery from Starlinger.
Since our target is to maximize quality, a statistical Quality Control (QC) data is maintained. Each bag has a unique code to trace the bag to individual sewing labors, to the resin that was used in making the bag. This wills 100 % assures a unique traceability system. Our products are tested in-house (using the test rig machine supplied by Starlinger) apart from this a third party certification is obtained to cross verify the same periodically.

A Clean Revolution by UAC

UAC is proud to be the first provider of the clean room concept in the Middle East. UAC is capable of producing a large variety of big bags in its clean room for both food and pharmaceutical industries alike. These bags which are produced under straight hygienic conditions are in accordance to the clean room procedures which utilize the most advance technology available.
UAC’s 3000 m2 clean room is to provide utmost hygiene environment. The whole room is painted with epoxy paint which is anti bacterial and anti static that offer ease of cleaning.
The carefully selected personal are highly trained to work in our clean room process. They are fully clothed in clean room process garments and air showered. To obtain a complete hygiene room all equipment used is manufactured from Stainless steel. All sewing machines have heat cutting units to avoid loose thread edges.. When the bag is finished they all are vacuum cleaned one by one. Before the bags leave the room to the bailing machine each bag is packed with a polyethylene bag (upon the request of the customer) to avoid the contact with outside atmosphere.
Environment, Quality and Food Safety Policy
UAC Packaging, embraces as a main principle to supply products that ensures the permanence of customer satisfaction in accordance with environmental sensitivity and HACCP food safety system.
Our Objectives and Committed Principles:

  • To keep customer satisfaction at the highest level and continuously develop our environment performance and product quality for this purpose.
  • To keep our environment and the working areas always clean and in order:  to train our workers.
  • To work in conformity with environmental and food related laws,
    customer  requirements, and European directives related to our sector.
  • To be active in reducing natural resource consumption and preventing environmental pollution.
  • To encourage our workers to participate in quality, environment and productivity projects.
  • To initiate new products to the market, analyzing customer necessities and expectations in line with the national and international developments in technology.
  • To conform with hygiene rules as a consequence of our respect to public and human health.
  • To carry out safe food packaging production with respect to HACCP food safety system and it’s requirements.
Quality is UAC’s highest priority. UAC has a complete in-house quality control laboratory for testing purposes, including a test rig for FIBC’s.

Technical specifications of raw material, strength properties and UV content of components are all checked with respect to the international standards. Quality control process in UAC consists of three major steps;

  • material inspection and testing
  • process inspection and testing
  • final quality control

Throughout the material inspection process, yarn is tested for width and strength. Once yarn is woven, fabric is tested once again for width, fabric weight, weaving density in addition to the strength of the warp and weft. Samples taken out of fabric are also tested for UV resistance. The fabrics are tested for more than 200 hours. This process inspection also applies to the final quality control where the bags are measured and visually checked to ensure the customer’s specifications. Finally, the bag is tested in the test rig machine.
Test parameters

  • elongation test
  • breaking test
  • UV resistance test
  • coating performance test
  • tear test
  • drop test
  • stacking test
  • fabric test
  • friction test

UAC is able to track back through the production process, all the way to the raw material, to identify the problem. Using the tractability of quality assurance system, all non-conforming products are marked in the plant using special means. The result of this stringent quality assurance program is the product that customers of UAC have come to trust and depend on.

Satisfying customer requirements is more than just designing a bag. Quality is inherent in every part of process in UAC. From the choice of materials, to the use of advanced technology, to the maintenance of safety standards, and to the timely delivery of the finished goods- all are of equal importance in making a UAC product.
Key Success of UAC
Proactive team members with customer oriented approach at all times wide spectrum of products & services for your packaging needs global distribution, delivery and warehousing structure, just-in-time deliveries latest technology and equipment available to fulfill customer’s specific needs optimized solutions for diverse industries reliable partner for long-term relations.

  • UAC functions in complete environment friendly way helping itself to better maintain and control its important natural resources.
  • UAC has an in-house recycling system.
  • UAC uses environmental friendly raw material all time.
  • UAC always move to new technologies to improve quality.

High quality standards are applied to make sure that the system works properly and the final product meets the desired criteria. A quality assurance system insists on certain regulations for the achievement of this target. This support confirmed the manufacturing standards, accountability and documentation. UAC continuously works for better quality. Each bag is inspected and one sample out for every 20 bags are test on the test rig machine.

  • Our Company has its own well equipped In-house Quality Control Department, the department carry out ” In Process Quality Control” (IPQC) in each and every phase of production job.
  • We also utilize services of International Quality Inspection Agencies as when required. Quality being the point of focus for the company, special attention is paid on technological advancement and up-gradation.
  • Our “Tiger” Brand Tarpaulin has ISI Certification from Bureau of Indian Standards.

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